Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

These are the terms of service that you agree to when registering on our site and using any of our services. 

Only when you agree to these terms, RootVPN allows you to use your service. 

You agree not to violate any laws of different countries and jurisdictions. 

The user bears full administrative and criminal responsibility for any unlawful acts. 

RootVPN does not bear any responsibility for any unlawful actions of users. 

You agree, store passwords and any other confidential data in strict secrecy, RootVPN is not responsible for the theft of passwords due to user actions. 

You agree not to use our services for port scanning, sending spam, and any other illegal activities. 

You You agree not to violate the law on Orsk and related rights. 

You agree not to give or share your username and password to other users. 

RootVPN not responsible for caused moral or material damage resulting from the use of our service. The user uses our service at his own risk. 

RootVPN can guarantee the smooth operation of the network in 99% of cases, with the exception of problems in data centers, which RootVPN can not affect. 

RootVPN does not collect or store user data (except for cookies and email) and does not transfer to third parties under any circumstances. 

RootVPN does not maintain a log user actions. 

The user's balance is the equivalent of the US dollar, to torye can be spent on the creation of a server. 

Tariffication for server services. 

RootVPN does not return the money spent for using the service. 

Registering with RootVPN, you agree to the RootVPN Terms of Service. 

RootVPN has the right to change the text of the user agreement without notifying the users.

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