After registering on the site, you will have free funds on your balance sheet, in order to create 1 VPN server for free and test its operation.

Renting your VPN server from

$ 0.013 per hour*

* We do not charge you for creating a server. The cost of one server in any place is 0.013 US dollars per 1 hour of server operation for one user. The cost of 1 server for more users is more expensive, see the table below.
The minimum period for creating a server is 72 hours. If the server is deleted earlier than 72 hours after creation, the money from the balance will be written off for 72 hours of server operation.
The price can change without warning, but not more than once a month. See the current price information on this page.

Price per VPN for one user

Price for 1 hour: 
Price for 24 hours:
Price per month:
$ 0.013
$ 0.312
$ 9.36

Price per VPN up to 200 users

Price for 1 hour: 
Price for 24 hours:
Price per month:
$ 0.026
$ 0.624$
$ 18.72

Advanced technical support

There are situations when you need non-standard functions and settings for the VPN server. In this case, technical support specialists can provide highly qualified help in setting up, upgrading and optimizing the server for a fee. The cost of such work is discussed individually with the technical support service and is no less than $ 30

The necessary conditions

When ordering and paying for the server you should understand that this can not be free of charge. The server requires the conditions for its operation. The client provider must not disable the VPN operation, your administrator should not block the protocols.
The money spent on server leasing and paid to the balance of RootVPN can not be returned back.
The user must have sufficient experience with VPN applications for different operating systems, work with routers and have experience working with the network.

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